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counts LU and 2" AsThe Missouri Assessment Program ( MAP ) consists of a number of tests designed to assess student mastery of the Missouri Education Show-Me Standards. Although the MAP measures student knowledge and how practically and effectively they can apply it to tasks in the classroom and in the world in the clasId, the MAP is also used to initiate educational reform and to help educators in MissouriValuate the curriculum and instruction of their content area ( if their curriculum is in accordance with the Show-Me Standards )

The MAP is administered in Missouri schools at different grade levels It begins at grade 3 and is administered every year through grade 1 . Each year different subject areas are administered. For example, 3 rd and 7 th graders take science and communication arts, while 4th and &th graders taketh and social studies. Each subject area assessment consists of three parts :A Multiple Choice using the Terra Nova Survey, Where students are given S choices to chooseicesfrom on each question . The Terra Nova is used so educators can compare the performance of their students with others nationwide. This is the only timed section of the testB . Constructed Response , where students give their own response to each question . Students areusually required to show workC . Performance Event . where students draft a more lengthy response to a prompt . This section isused to assess students’ ability to apply knowledge to everyday situationsASCITYIf you wanted to establish that the MAP is a reliable measure , which types of reliability wouldit make sense to examine ? How would you go about gathering these types of reliability ( whatstatistics would you use ) ? ( 4 points )Log21 . What kinds of validity evidence would be appropriate to gather for the MAP and how wouldyou gather that evidence ( what statistics would you use ) ? ( One point for each type ; up to 4points total )

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