Contract Assignment

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Natalie and Izzy want to rescind their contract under which Natalie sold a dress to Izzy for $50. To fully rescind the contract:

A.        Izzy must return the dress and Natalie must return the $50.

B.        Natalie must return the $50 only.

C.        Izzy must return the dress only.

D.        The parties cannot rescind the contract because it was a sale of goods.

13.   Chuck agrees to meet Blaire at a fancy restaurant at 7:00 p.m. for a date. Blair arrives early, orders dinner, and waits for Chuck. He never shows up:

  1. Everyone knows Chuck is rude.
  2. Blair can sue Chuck for the cost of dinner.
  3. Blair has no remedy against Chuck as they had a social appointment and not a contract.
  4. Blair can sue Chuck for pain and mental anguish as he upset her so much by not showing up.

12. true or false : Sophie owes money to Lilly because she borrowed $1000 last summer to buy a car. Rachel owes money to Sophie. Sophie can ask Rachel to pay Lilly directly as an assignment of her right to money from Rachel. ____________

fill in the blank: Even if there is law that allows certain behaviors, the study of morals and ______________ might dictate how parties should act in various circumstances. Get Finance homework help today