Impact of Transactions Assignment

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Assignments ACCTO DO1: ntro Accounting-Toma R-FALL 2019-SECTION 11792 Sav Help Saved Chapter 2-Homework Check my work mode : This shows what is correct or incorrect for the work you have completed so far. It does not indicate completion. 2 Brief Exercise 2-4 Analyze the impact of transactions on the accounting equation (LO2-2)

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The following transactions occur for Badger Biking Company during the month of June 025 points a Provide services to customers on account for $50,00o b. Receive cash of $42.000 from customers in (a) above C Purchase bike equipment by signing a note with the bank for $35.000 d. Pay utilities of $5.000 for the current month Analyze each transaction and indicate the amount of increases and decreases in the accounting equation (Decreases to account classifications should be entered as a negative.) O Answer is not complete. Stockholders Transaction Assets Liabilities Equity 50,000 50,000 a 42.000 bi increase (b) decrease ict 35000 id 5,000 2 of 15. Get Accounting homework help today