Improving the Curriculum Assignment

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  • Look up the test results for a school in your school district.
    • Choose a subject and grade that needs improvement. Consider how to increase those test scores by improving the curriculum.
      • For example, you could choose 5th-grade math or 8th-grade science.
        • You should be familiar with this subject and/or grade as you will be using this information for the discussion questions in the upcoming weeks.
    • Map the curriculum to your appropriate state standards for that grade and subject. Post the link to the standards.
    • What kind of needs assessment will you need to do? List at least 3 questions or items that you would include on a needs assessment. Your goal must be data-driven. What data will you need to create a plan to accomplish your goal and what data will you need to measure if you succeeded?
  • Respond to at least one of your classmates.  Hold on to the information you have researched for this discussion question. You will use it again in subsequent weeks.
    • Do you agree with their assessment?
    • Explain why or why not.
    • Who should be on the District Curriculum Advisory Council?
    • At least 3 people should be members of the community and not employees of the school district.
    • Explain why you chose those people and why they would be valuable on the council. Get Social Science help today