Interest Earned Financial Statements Assignment

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de PEETS COFFEE & TEA, INC. CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS (In thousands, except share amounts) December 2015 ASSETS Current assets Cash and cash equivalents Short-term marketable securities Accounts receivable, net Inventories Deferred income taxes current Prepaid expenses and other 7,692 19,511 6,838 19,533 1,888 3,852 Total current assets Long-term marketable securities Property and equipment, net Deferred income taxes-non-current Other assets, net 59,314 5,989 82,447 1,315 3,940 Total assets 153,005

LIABILITIES AND SHAREHOLDERS&#39; EQUITY Current liabilities Accounts payable Accrued compensation and benefits Deferred revenue 11,046 6,389 4,625 22,060 Total current liabilities Other Liabilities Deferred lease credits and other long-term liabilities 3,506 Page < 1 > of 3 0 25,566 Total liabilities Shareholders&#39; equity Common stock Accumulated other comprehensive loss, net of Retained earnings 93,246 (15) 34,208 Total shareholders&#39; equity 127,439 153,005 Total liabilities and shareholders&#39; equity * Common stock:13,516,000 shares outstanding PEET&#39;S COFFEE & TEA, INC. CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF INCOME (In thousands, except per share amounts) 2015 Retail stores Specialty sales 141,377 69.116 Net revenue Cost of sales Operating expenses 210,493 98.928 66.272 12 “prt sc delete Page < 2 > of 3 0 – Retail stores Specialty sales 141,377 69,116 Net revenue Cost of sales Operating expenses General and administrative expenses Depreciation and amortization expenses 210,493 98,928 66,272 20,634 8,609 Total costs and expenses from operations 194,443 Income from operations Interest income Interest expense 16,050 2,458 (6,002) Income before income taxes Income tax provision 12,506 4,690 7.816 Net income J5 X 1 D C Formula E F G H Peet&#39;s Coffee & Tea, Inc. Ratio Current Ratio Current Assets Current Liabilities #DIV/0! Quick Ratio Current Assets – Inventories Current Liabilities #DIV/0! EBITDA Margin EBITDA Sales #DIV/0! Operating Margin Operating Income Sales #DIV/0! Net Profit Margin Net Income Sales #DIV/0! Earnings Per Share #DIV/0! Per Share Accounts Rec. Days #DIV/0! Days #DIV/0! Days Accounts Payable Days Net Income Avg. Shares Outstanding Accounts Receivable Avg. Daily Sales Accounts Payable Avg. Daily COGS Inventory Avg. Daily COGS EBITDA Interest Expense Ratio Template #DIV/0! Days Inventory Days #DIV/0! X Times Interest Earned Financial Statements Ready De mê a * $ Type here to search o w R T . Y u. Get Accounting homework help today