Money, Banking and Financial Markets Assignment

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Money, Banking and Financial Markets

  1. History – Briefly describe history of the credit crisis including the major milestones and more recent economic developments.
  1. Environmental Analysis – Describe the environmental forces that have or might have impacted the global credit crisis. These forces might include economic, political, cultural, technological and other environmental forces. It is recommended that you utilize information from outside resources to conduct your analysis.
  1. Industry Analysis – Describe the impact of the credit crisis on the banking industry and financial services industry. Provide specific information on the economic impact on organizations within these areas of business.
  1. Financial Analysis – Using exhibits from the class and outside research you should present the major financial indicators from some competitors within the banking and financial services sector and calculate the major financial ratios. This financial data should be included in tabular and graphical format in the main paper or in an appendix.
  1. Conclusion and Recommendations – Based on the analysis that you provided above, provide recommendations regarding the course of action or actions that financial service companies should pursue as related to the dynamic economic markets. Please be specific in your recommendations. Get Finance homework help today