Mortgage-Backed Securities Assignment

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Mortgage-backed securities: 10 & PO strips See an example in slides and an Excel file on Blackboard before doing this question! BOA originates 1000 Fully Amortizing Fixed Rate Mortgages, each has a $100,000 balance, 6.5% interest rate (no fees), 30 year term, and annual payments. BOA immediately issues 10 and PO strips backed by the pool of these mortgages and sells them to investors who discount payoffs at 5.5%.

7. What profits does BOA make immediately? (the answer will be a few million dollars, an 8-digit number)

8. What is the value of all PO strips? Hint: do 08-10 in Excel but be ready to do a version with shorter term mortgages in the Final. 9. What would be the value of all PO strips if the expected prepayment rate was 10% per year?

10. What would be the value of all PO strips if instead the expected default rate was 10% per year? Assume that in case of default, BOA recovers 85% at balance. Mortgage-backed securities: floaters and inverse floaters See an example in slides!

11 BOA issues $200m in CMO. 75% of the issue is floater tranche with index – LIBOR (currently and margin – 1%. The remaining 25% is inverse floater tranche that is designed to keep the total cost of financing constant. The next year LIBOR falls to 4%. What would be the interest paid to the inverse floater tranche investors? Enter your answer in percent, but without percent sign. Get Finance homework help today