Net Present Value Assignment

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ear (Year 0 Year 3) and clearly identify the NPV, Payback Period, and ROI of the project. The formulas for calculating the discount factor, NPV, and ROI are in your textbook Chapter 4 p.164-165. t the bottom of your worksheet, under the heading RECOMMENDATION, indicate if the project is a good investment based on your analysis. For this part, you will be interpreting the financial ratios to determine whether e project is a good investment. Prepare your spreadsheet as a professional business document (include the title f your document, cell references and formulas for all calculations and accounting format 0 decimals).

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assumptions: (List these at the bottom of your spreadsheet with all calculations for each cost shown) Project Costs: 1. Project manager assigned 30 hours per week for 25 weeks at $50/hr. 2. Staff personnel assigned 60 hours per week for 25 weeks @ $70/hr. 3. Initial software costs of $150,000. 4. After the project is complete, the annual software maintenance costs are $50,000/yr. for three years of Project Benefits: 1. The increase in grant revenue is projected to be $10,000 per grant 2. Projected number of new grants awarded each year starting in Year 1 is 25 (grant awards are noncumulative) Sample template: (see p. 164 in your textbook) All calculations should cell referenced. Discount rate Total Costs Discount factor Discounted costs Benefits Discount factor Discounted benefits costs Cumulative benefits costs RO NPV Payback (Year) = Assumptions: Enter assumptions here (see above) Recommendations: Enter recommendations here art 3: WEIGHTED SCORING MODEL instructions: Use the three IT projects identified in Part 1 to create a weighted scoring model that includes both financial and non-financial considerations for the IT Project selection process. For the non-financial criteria, enter estimated points for each project. An example of a weighted scoring model is shown on p. 168. Include a table and hart to support your recommendation he factors that should be included along with the financial considerations and the weighting of each criterion are as low. You can assign estimated scores for the non-financial factors for each of the projects. Can be implemented in one year or less (15%) Low risk in meeting cost, time, and scope goals (25%) Has strong internal support from faculty and students (20%) Provides a positive NPV (20 %) Supports University Strategic Plan (20%) Get Accounting homework help today