Privacy Policy

To successfully work with our Clients we require some personal information: telephone number, name and their country of residence. This information is used for various purposes:

  • ‘Is my personal information and payment data safe?’ This is the frequently asked question by most students who are looking for online writing help.
  • We value our client confidentiality. Therefore, we have enacted one policy denoting that the number one priority of the firm is to maintain the security and privacy of our clients.
  • We have never shared a client’s details with any third party. There is a rule stating that anyone who is caught trying to do so should be fired immediately.
  • Besides implementing strict rules and policies, Contentmarts has also enacted the use of secure, cutting-edge technology devices.
  • The added security measure ensures that can safely browse our website.
  • We often test our sites and devices for vulnerabilities and viruses using the McAfee software and other manually verified routines