Reflective Journal Assignment

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In week two we discussed what is the cultural diffusion and the different between equality and quality and many other once. the one that has traced me the most is cultural diffusion I did not an understand the meaning of cultural diffusion but after Dr Kamal has gave many example that was shard in the class has gave me the knowledge what it mean and how it can relate to my life experience where I can see myself coming from different background and different cultural that is not same as Austrian cultural.

The spread of culture is known as cultural diffusion was practicing a different culture other than my own cultural such as English speaking, when I came to Australia we head to learn English as well as the way we speak it such as using please and thanks as kea word in my cultural we do not use lease its represents as weak Pearson but when I had to sue it in Australia as its part of their culture where they see it differently as a respect. On the other hand, I’m proud to be part of Austrian culture because it has impacted my own learning to develop myself and be part of history and heritage which has given me a way of learning and understanding of giving and caring. Get Social Science help today